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Training – Basics of Analytics and Security Data Processing

BASICS OF ANALITICS AND SECURITY DATA PROCESSING We re-organize our most demanding course: Analytics and data security with visiting guest lecturer General Prof.dr. Forca. The number of places is limited. The basics of analytics as an object are not sufficiently represented in formal education in Serbia, and are needed for anyone who deals with security […]


The training lasts 5 or 2 days and includes: Lecture: “The basics of ballistics and the path of grain”, Lecture: “Legal basis of Balisitka, Law on weapons and ammunition”, Practical part: Assembling and disassembling several types of pistol / rifle, Practical part: Proper possession of firearms, attitudes, Practical part: Handling with firearms, Additional classes, if […]

Cyber Security and Information Security

The number of cyber victims has increased significantly over the last years. Do not let yourself become one. Stay cyber security and information security training. The security of your data and your customers’ data does not have a price! In the special training program that we have prepared for you with experts from the IT […]

Training for educators-lecturers

The training can be accessed by those with higher education or by students of the final years of studies (3 and 4 years). The candidates that show the most respectable results will have a chance to cooperate with RCDS. In addition to lecturers from ICOB, participants will be trained by professionals from various fields including […]

Protection and Data Security

Are you interested in job of Data Security and Protection officer? Than this training is exactly what you will want to hear to learn the basics or improve your current knowledge of data handling in corporate environment.   Every respectable company as well as a state institution must protect the data of its clients and […]