Research Center for Defense and Security is organizing training to students of Belgrade University in the field of computerized protection and data protection.

Training takes place in three stages:

The practical part of the work on computers, data protection
Use your operating system and security software
Understanding the Linux system shall encryption and digital forensics
Research Centre for Defence and Security guarantees students a quality and comprehensive training in the field of the computer data storage and protection as well as using the program to protect your computer.

This course is designed for those who wish to learn more about the security of information technologies, as well as how to protect your data against computer sabotage, fraud, virus, etc. Also, you will learn how to access the data you are unavailable due to forgotten passwords, how to hide and encrypt the same data so that only you can unlock them, as well as the basics of computer forensics.

The maximum number of students per group is 10 m.

The training will take place at the agreed time depending on room availability that are necessary for the organization of the course.

Applications should be sent by mail to: [email protected]