hematic lectures and panel discussions titled „Security Dialogue“ dedicated to the teachers, students of Belgrade University, members of the Research Centre for Defence and Security as well as all interested parties to expand their knowledge in various fields.
Due to the large number of all lectures and discussions are held in the hall for presentation at the Palace of Belgrade or in the hall 8, University of Belgrade, depending on the term and the vacancy of the fat.
Lecturers are eminent experts, diplomats.
Some of the stands organized by the Research Center for Defense and Security:

1. The Austrian Ambassador HE Dr. Johannes einger – „International cooperation Austria and Serbia“

2. Israeli Ambassador HE Josef Levi – „Challenges Israel and international cooperation“

3. Embassy of Japan HE Toshio Tsunozaki – „Emergency situation in Japan“

4. Swiss Ambassador HE Jean-Daniel Rush – „Bilateral relations between Switzerland and Serbia“

5. Ambassador of India HE Narinder Chauhan – „Diplomatic relations with India“

6. Norwegian Ambassador HE Nils Ragnar Kamsvag – „Regional cooperation and challenges in the environment“

7. The head of the UN mission in Lebanon HE Milos Strugar – „Lessons learned from the peacekeeping mission in Lebanon“

8. Full Professor, Faculty of Political Science, Miroljub Jevtic – „Jihad as a holy war and connections with terrorism“

9. Brigadier General Ornelo Baron – NATO office in Belgrade – „NATO and Partnership for Peace“

10. Prof. Milan Milajkovski ‘Intelligence – security challenges of the Republic of Serbia “

11. Prof. Dr. Michael Baller – Faculty of Economics and Law in Berlin – „Safety of ports on the Danube“

12. Alvaro Ballasteros – OSCE (2004 – 2014) – „The role of the OSCE and the international stability“

13. Prof. Dr. Klaus Lange – Institute for Transnational Studies India- „Security in Southeast Asia – the case of India-Pakistan“

14. Jean Charles Brisard member UN committee and an expert on international terrorism – Paris, „International terrorism – the case of September 11, the US“

15. Prof. Dr. Alessia Biava – University of Geneva – „Security Policy of the European Union“

16. Prof. Dragan Škobalj – International University of Brcko – „Energy security of Serbia and the region“

17. Prof. Dr. Golden Dimovski – Faculty of Security in Skopje – „Security Challenges of Macedonia“

18. Prof. Dr. Branko Rakic ​​Legal fakutlet – „Legislation as an instrument of international security“

19. Former Information Minister FRY – Mr. Goran Matic – „Propaganda and War“ CNN

20. Dr Darko Trifunovic – „Terrorism as a security phenomenon“ FUDAN University, China

21. Dean of Science Faculty of Science, Prof. Dr. Zorica Stanimirovic – „Analysis and Security“

22. Prof. Slobodan Mišović faculties security – „The defense system of the Republic of Serbia“

23. Milomir Maric journalist „The impact of mass media on Security“