Research Center for Defense and Security of the beginning of April 2015, started working on the project “Safety in schools”.

The project is educational and istražiačkog character, which is the first part of the research carried out starting from analyzes of the current safety of pupils in schools as well as the frequency of conflicts and crimes, how many there are, what is happening in school and beyond, as well as their frequency and intensity .

In addition to the research that the Centre worked on surveys, with the permission of the secondary schools, the center should also in cooperation with the Ministry of Internal Affairs organized and extracurricular classes where the young people through education acquainted with the current conflicts as well as preventive measures and solutions in order to avoid security obredjenog problems.

Lectures would be held by eminent experts and professors to children in an appropriate and efficient manner closer to safety in certain spheres that young people are interested and that is necessary.

The project “Safety in schools” is planned to start in secondary schools in Serbia in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of Republic of Serbia.

Secondary schools that are interested to participate and help center in the realization of the project “Safety in schools” can turn into an official mail: [email protected]