Seminar “Challenges of Cybercrime and Information Security”

OpenLink Group in cooperation with the Law Faculty of the Belgrade University and the Student Association for International Cooperation is organizing a one-day seminar entitled “Challenges of Cybercrime and Information Security”, with emphasis on protection of users’ rights and intellectual property rights on the Internet.

Speakers and topics:

Igor Franc, head of digital forensics and information security at the International Institute for Security

What is the difference between authentication and authorization
What is social engineering and how he was protecting
What is BYOD concept
What are the basic concepts of cryptography
How to properly destroy data that you no longer need

Vladimir Marinkov, a lawyer from the law office Guberina-Marinkov

All forms of cyber crime in our legal system
Process specific features and legal basis
Course of the proceedings for criminal offenses in the area of ​​FTC from practice
Problems encountered in the procedures related to the FTC

Zarko Ptiček, IT lawyer from consulting firm Ptiček Ltd.

What are the different legal relationships using the Internet based services
How to protect users’ rights
How to recognize a violation of personal rights
How to protect the intellectual property rights on the Internet