About Us

Research Centre for Defence and Security (RCDS) is an organization that was founded on April 26, 2012 at the founding session at the Military Academy. The center was founded on the initiative of officers and cadets of the Army of the Republic of Serbia on the one hand and professors and students of the University of Belgrade on the other hand. Since 2017, RCDS has been the publisher of the printed magazine and online portal “Defense and Security”.

It was established to achieve goals and design projects in the field of defence, security, diplomacy, environmental protection, education, creation of media content, development of the non-governmental sector in the Republic of Serbia and beyond. In the past eight years, the Research Center for Defense and Security, in cooperation with various institutions, has successfully realized numerous projects, trainings, events, recommendations and advocacy. The center has implemented many projects of national character, projects of international character, successfully implemented a large number of trainings, participated in a large number of scientific conferences and organized over 40 forums and lectures with various experts in the field of security, defence and diplomacy. Over 1,000 participants were trained in the trainings realized by RCDS. The centre is accredited by the Ministry of State and Local Self-Government for conducting trainings.

Missions of Centre:

 1. raising awareness about the protection and security through the organization of training, seminars, conferences;
 2. The development of the NGO sector and bringing together non-governmental organizations;
 3. The organization and coordination of scientific research,
 4. fostering and developing the potential of security at the national level and beyond according to the needs,
 5. organizing cultural events and projects,
 6. organization of professional and scientific exchanges as well as all other forms of cooperation with other colleges and universities,
 7. organizing humanitarian and educational projects.

To achieve its goals Centre in particular:

 1. Organizes, alone or in cooperation with other organizations, training, professional meetings, conferences, seminars and other forms of citizen education;
 2. cooperate with the institutions in the areas of security, defence, education, professional associations and other organizations in the country and abroad that deal with environmental protection, defence, security and diplomacy;
 3. charity work to help persons in need of assistance;
 4. organize different social gatherings of non-governmental organizations;
 5. organize projects and implement actions to protect the environment defense and security;