Every year, the Research Centre for Defence and Security announces a competition for an internship at the center. Every year, a competition is announced for positions that are open in accordance with the needs and the planned scope of work for the next year.
The competition is open to young people up to 30 years of age, who are in the final years of undergraduate and master studies or have graduated in the past three years at one of the faculties in the field of social sciences and humanities (students of security, defense, criminology, linguistics, journalism , information technology, law ..), those who are interested in the fields of security and defense and who are highly motivated to gain knowledge and work experience in these fields. Preference in the selection of interns may be persons who gain work experience for the first time or they were not employed but that is not crucial.

Interns have the task to help the centre in carrying out its regular activities – participate in the organization of events, conferences, trainings, projects. Each intern has a mentor who leads his internship and whose tasks he must fulfill. The internship lasts a minimum of six months from the day of voting at the Assembly of the Centre. Prior to voting on the selection of intenrs at the assembly, a probationary internship of up to two months may be initiated. An internship is the first form of membership in the RCDS and represents an opportunity to gain work experience on a volunteer basis, and later employment.