Signs of distress; Awareness as part of security

During the preparation of programs for educational purposes in the field of civil protection, the Academy of National Development and Research Centre for Defence and Security, spotted the problem of insufficient information of citizens in signs of distress. Given the seriousness and importance of the information to be transmitted via an audible citizens in case of emergency or other circumstances, it was decided that, with joint efforts, the two CSOs prepare and distribute the necessary information materials that will be interested will be able to freely download and excel in buildings and other public areas and facilities of public importance. The organizers of this action, consider that this is one of the ways in which civil society organizations can be a very simple and important way to contribute to public safety in the hope that the public will recognize this and similar initiatives as well as to demonstrate that in the civil sector there are NGOs working on the benefit of the community. During the first day of action has been reported as satisfactory interest representatives Assembly tenants who are looking for these materials. The organizers, who have made this initiative was financed with own funds CSOs. On the occasion of the start of the representatives of the Research Center for Defense and Security Academy and National Development, Mr. Miloš Tišma and Filip Čolaković, they sent a further call other civil society institutions and representatives of the citizens to get involved. Given the reports of individual bodies also stressed the importance of functioning of the system of observation and information, the organizers are confident that the course of action to be distributed about 1,000 information posters. Organizers say that to get free posters can be reached by contacting the organization via the Internet.