Promotion of Police integrity in West Balkan

The regional network of civil society organizations POINTPULSE in cooperation with the OSCE Mission in Serbia organized in Belgrade conference on the integrity of the police with the aim to bring together all relevant actors involved in police reform in the Western Balkans. The conference was at the invitation of host attended by representatives of the Research Centre for Defence and Security and Milos Maric Aleksandar Tišma.

Common problems of the region are inadequate operation of internal control of the police and the fact that there is adequate cooperation between the internal control with the actors who perform external control, such as Parliament. Another common problem is the inadequate management of human resources, which is characteristic for the entire state administration, and not just for the police. It is good that all the communities in the region detect these problems, and have begun reforms to build a police force that will be responsible to do their job. The third problem that affected the police in the region is the lack of operational independence of the police from the ruling parties.

The conference was divided into three panels, each of which covered topics that are, at present, according to the network POINTPULSE, the most relevant for the police in the region. Speakers were police officers from the region and representatives of the EU Delegation in Serbia, OSCE as well as independent police experts.

More information: Belgrade Centre for Security Policy