Security consultations during the Bulgarian EU Presidency

Members of the Research Center for Defense and Security, Miloš Tišma and Jasmina Andrić participated in two-day consultations in Sofia within the Bulgarian Presidency of the European Union. At this high-level event, where we were the only representatives from Serbia, we went to the invitation of the Bulgarian Ministry of Defense
Representatives of the EU, NATO, EULEX-A, EUFOR-A, OSCE, the Ministries of Defense of States from the region and the European states, as well as many experts in the field and security participated in the festive reception as well as the three panels during the two-day consultations and defense. The aim of this gathering was to present challenges, risks, threats and development of defense and security institutions in Western Balkan countries to representatives of security and defense systems of EU countries and other participants, and the development of cooperation between EU countries and the Western Balkans.
ICOB members attracted a lot of attention from more than 70 delegates who participated in panel discussions and discussions. The common conclusion of all panels is that it is necessary to work on greater confidence in the region of the so-called Western Balkans in order to build cooperation and strengthen the capacities of security and defense institutions.
This way we would like to inform the local public about our delegation at this event that was organized to meet the EU and Western Balkans summit. We want to emphasize that it took a lot of courage to present a different attitude from all those present, for us this was a great challenge to defending the policy of military neutrality and the interests of Serbia among the supporters of a different policy. We consider that we have defended this policy with dignity and adequately presented Serbia. We thank the Bulgarian Ministry of Defense for the invitation and hospitality, and we look forward to future cooperation.