Protection and Data Security

Are you interested in job of Data Security and Protection officer? Than this training is exactly what you will want to hear to learn the basics or improve your current knowledge of data handling in corporate environment.


Every respectable company as well as a state institution must protect the data of its clients and citizens. Information has become the most valuable resusrs owned by individuals, firms, states, and without adequate information security management, it can not be adequately operated. It is necessary that within the business there is a responsible person who is in charge of safe business and above all for data protection, these persons are now called information security managers. Their job is to ensure that the data of both the clients and the organizations in which they work are protected. The rules of this protection are prescribed by the ISO standard 27001, after which we have fought three-day professional training. The training is divided into a theoretical part that refers to familiarization with the mentioned standard and legal regulations in this field and to the practical part concerning the implementation of concrete steps and procedures for business protection. The training lasts three days in the afternoon, the applications are open until the place is filled up by 4.06.2018 at the latest. In the application it is necessary to specify: Name and surname, date of birth, phone number and occupation.

Requests for the agenda and additional information as well as applications are done by mail: and telephone 063 / 88-64-733

** The price of 4800 RSD is valid only in this term. **