Training for educators-lecturers

The training can be accessed by those with higher education or by students of the final years of studies (3 and 4 years).

The candidates that show the most respectable results will have a chance to cooperate with RCDS.

In addition to lecturers from ICOB, participants will be trained by professionals from various fields including media representatives as well as lecturers with international experience who will transfer the necessary knowledge to their skills development. Through a three-week training program, participants will be introduced to the techniques of lectures, dialogue, public appearance and will gain theoretical and practical knowledge necessary for independent lecture.

Students who successfully pass the exam receive a certificate that is the entry basis for further work of the lecturers, and as already stated, those who are prominent will get the opportunity to work with us.

The full price of the training is 10 000 din. The price of training with a special discount is 8500 for students, participants of preliminary courses of ICOB and unemployed persons.

The training starts on May 16, 2018, applications are open until May 15, 2018, or until the place is filled. As it is mostly practical work, training will take place in a smaller group so that the number of places is limited.

Necessary documentation: copy of diploma and ID card (for inspection)

You can get an agenda and schedule of lectures as well as additional information via e-mail:

Registration is done by mail: or by phone 063 / 88-64-733. In the application state the name, surname, date of birth, education and phone number.