Cyber Security and Information Security

The number of cyber victims has increased significantly over the last years. Do not let yourself become one. Stay cyber security and information security training.

The security of your data and your customers’ data does not have a price!

In the special training program that we have prepared for you with experts from the IT world, the participants will learn how to be safe, to protect, apply preventive measures, and to handle the incidents correctly, and to learn more about standards for business, good practices in the company and the obligations they have to fulfill.

Do you know how to protect yourself from unauthorized access to data and avoid leakage of confidential data, but also what to do if it does happen anyway? How to proceed when you abuse payment cards or data from a USB device? Have you protected your Wi-Fi network sufficiently? Are you protected from malware? To whom should you contact if you are attacked in cyberspace?
The training will look at security practices as well as on the protection of privacy and its relationship with security. In the practical part after this lecture you will have the opportunity to apply learned and thereby confirm the knowledge gained about security risks in the IT world.
Security of information is increasingly endangered by the many types of blatant attacks aimed at the destruction of the system, theft of confidential data, and the identity of individuals.
Illegal control of transactions can irreparably destroy the reputation of state institutions, businesses or individuals.
Knowledge gained from this kind of training can be applied both in the protection of personal data, as well as in the business of companies, companies, companies. The specificity of this type of training is that students, in addition to computer protection, are introduced to the protection of business through familiarization with the basic security that can be applied in the business. How to avoid consciously and unconsciously giving confidential information to other people, various types of fraud in personal contact with clients, etc.
Upon completion of the training, the participants receive the CERTIFICATE confirming that they have successfully completed the training!
The term is 17 hours.
Price: 5600 dinars

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