The training lasts 5 or 2 days and includes:

Lecture: “The basics of ballistics and the path of grain”,
Lecture: “Legal basis of Balisitka, Law on weapons and ammunition”,
Practical part: Assembling and disassembling several types of pistol / rifle,
Practical part: Proper possession of firearms, attitudes,
Practical part: Handling with firearms,
Additional classes, if needed,
Dough laying (theoretical and practical part).

After the successful completion of the training, the participants will receive a certificate confirming the Ministry of Internal Affairs that they are able to safely handle firearms, which is a condition for the license for procurement, and later for possession of firearms. Participants who successfully complete the training can also become members of the shooting club, which allows them to practice firearms as well as the use of the shotgun at desired intervals.

Number of places is limited!

The offered training start dates are:

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The price:

Five-day-Gun and revolver – 8500,00 din

Two-day – Gun and revolver – 6800,00 din

Hunting karabin 8 200,00 din / two days

Small hunting and hunting rifle – 5800,00 din / 2 days

Applications at: